Man's toned chest after gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery

Are you a man who has enlarged breasts due to gynecomastia? Diet and exercise often aren't enough to address this concern.

We offer plastic surgery as a permanent way to remove this excess tissue and sculpt your chest.

The board-certified plastic surgeon at SP Plastic Surgery, LLC in Minnetonka, MN, provides men with discreet gynecomastia surgery. 

Understanding Gynecomastia and the Effects It Has on the Body

Lines on man's chest indicating the effects of gynecomastia surgery
Gynecomastia is a condition that affects men and boys and causes enlarged breasts. Typically due to hormones, gynecomastia usually resolves on its own in a few months to a few years. However, if you're past puberty and you have enlarged breasts, gynecomastia surgery could be the right solution to helping you achieve more masculine contours. This surgery can remove your excess skin, fat deposits, and glandular tissue, effectively smoothing your chest.

The Benefits of This Surgery

Better-Fitting Clothes

With a flatter chest, you may notice that you feel more comfortable wearing certain types of clothing than you did before. You'll no longer have to think twice about wearing tight shirts or simply going shirtless. You can also ditch your compression shirts.

Elevated Confidence

The results of gynecomastia surgery are immediate, so you'll notice a more masculine physique right away. Many patients feel more at home in their bodies after surgery, and they let it show through their confident posture and conviction when navigating the world.

Improved Quality of Life

Men and boys who are no longer self-conscious about the appearance of their chests feel better about themselves and more at ease in social situations. Dr. Stephanie Peng, serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area from her Minnetonka plastic surgery office, is proud to help men make this transformation.

Paying for Gynecomastia Surgery Our Minnetonka Office Makes Surgery Affordable

While cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance because it's not considered medically necessary, gynecomastia surgery may qualify for insurance coverage if:

  • You're experiencing chest pain or discomfort
  • Malignancy is suspected
  • You've encountered other problems

While it's not likely that your procedure will qualify for coverage, we can check with your provider to explore coverage options before you decide to commit to gynecomastia surgery.

If you have out-of-pocket costs or your health insurance doesn't contribute to the cost of this breast surgery, you could benefit from financing through CareCredit®. This third-party lender allows patients to pay for their care in affordable monthly installments.

Correcting Gynecomastia Through Breast Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery can require a different surgical technique, depending on your shape and goals. Your surgery with Dr. Peng in Minnetonka may require:


If you have fatty deposits, your plastic surgeon can perform liposuction to remove them. Liposuction is used in many body contouring procedures to reshape problem areas. It can be an effective way to address large male breasts and give yourself a more masculine appearance.

Tissue Excision

Excess skin and glandular tissue may require excision for the most effective results. Your surgeon can make incisions around your areola or underneath your breast to remove the excess tissue. During excision, your nipple and areola can be repositioned for a more masculine look. Your incisions are then sutured closed.

Dr. Peng is Highly Recommended

If you are considering plastic surgery, you have everything to gain by choosing a surgeon like Dr. Stephanie Peng. She has the advanced education and training necessary to provide truly outstanding results.
SP Plastic Surgery, LLC

SP Plastic Surgery, LLC

Dr. Stephanie Peng is a board-certified plastic surgeon who closely partners with every patient to achieve their aesthetic goals. She is affiliated with various national organizations, including: 

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Peng provides patients with life-changing surgical care and transformative results. To request a consultation with our doctors, contact our Minnetonka office online or call us at (763) 999-4170.

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