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Breast Reduction

If your breasts are too large, they can not only interfere with daily activities, but also cause headaches, neck pain, and back trouble.

With breast reduction, board-certified surgeon Stephanie Peng can create a more proportional silhouette and ease your discomfort.

Why consider a breast reduction at our plastic surgery office in Minnetonka, MN, serving Greater Minneapolis?

Benefits of  Breast Reduction Surgery

Physical Relief

Breast reduction surgery is often recommended to ease physical discomfort, shoulder grooving, and skin problems caused by the stress of overly large breasts. Carrying this weight around with you at all times can lead to long-term damage. With a breast reduction, however, you can move unencumbered. 

Easier Shopping and More Clothing Options

Finding clothes and bras that fit properly can be a struggle for women with large breasts. Often, you face limited availability and high prices. Breast reduction surgery can make shopping easier.

A Greater Sense of Self-Confidence

It is easy to feel self-conscious about your breast size, especially if you have been teased about it in the past. A breast reduction can consequently help you feel more comfortable in your skin. 

A Closer Look at the Procedure

Positive Feedback from Satisfied Patients

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"I love the staff and Dr Peng. They answer all my questions. I would recommend anyone to go there." M.K. Lee

Discuss Your Options

With Dr. Peng

Breast reduction is an effective procedure that can have life-changing outcomes. The best way to find out if this treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Stephanie Peng is dedicated to restoring form, function, and beauty through plastic surgery. Call our office at (763) 999-4170 or reach out online to request an appointment at our office in Minnetonka, MN, serving patients in and around Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Stephanie Peng

Timeline of the Breast Reduction Procedure

The procedure can generally be broken down into several distinct steps:


The surgical procedure will begin with the administration of intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia. 
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Next, Dr. Peng will discreetly make the incisions, taking care to minimize potential scarring as much as possible.
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Nipple Repositioning

Once the underlying tissue is accessible, she may adjust the position of the nipple so that the results appear more natural.
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Tissue Removal

The breasts and areola are then resized, lifted, and shaped as necessary. In some cases, we may use liposuction to enhance these results.
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Closing the Incisions

The final step is closing the incisions with absorbable sutures that are buried under the skin.
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What to Expect during Your Recovery

When you wake up, your breasts will be wrapped with an elastic bandage. Often, there will be surgical drains to reduce fluid buildup under your incisions. You may be prescribed medications to reduce pain and the risk of infection after surgery. You should also wear any compression garments or special bras if you are instructed to do so.

Dr. Peng will provide specific instructions for your recovery, but you can generally expect up to four weeks of activity restrictions after surgery. Some women can return to work after two weeks, depending on their job. Dr. Peng and her team will see you frequently in the first month after surgery at our Minnetonka, MN, office, serving Greater Minneapolis, to monitor and support you through the recovery.

A Real Patient's Life-Changing Results

Before breast reduction
Before Breast Reduction
After breast reduction
After Breast Reduction
Breast reduction greatly improved this woman's mobility and physical comfort, while enhancing her confidence in her appearance. If you're considering relief from years of heavy shoulders, visit our caring Minnetonka, MN, plastic surgeon for a consultation.

Immediate Pain Relief and Fast Results


One of the most gratifying parts of breast reduction is that pain in your head, neck, and upper back should be relieved as soon as the weight of excess breast tissue is gone. Swelling and bruising are normal after surgery, but they will subside in about 2-4 weeks, giving you a better idea of your results. Your final breast shape and size will be apparent in about three months; however, it is important to keep in mind that age and weight fluctuations can change your results over time.

Reduce Pain and Live Comfortably With Help From Our Caring Minneapolis Practice

Living with overly large breasts doesn't just mean daily pain. It can also mean a lot of little discomforts that add up, like bra straps digging into your skin or never being able to wear an outfit that fits perfectly.

Our Minneapolis plastic surgeon, Dr. Peng, has helped patients like you finally find relief with breast reduction surgery. Whether your treatment is cosmetic or medically necessary, she can provide the plastic surgery results you desire.

Each breast reduction surgery is customized, allowing her to tailor treatment to your needs and specifications. From the type of incision used on your breasts to the position of your nipple, Dr. Peng will take your goals and concerns into account.

A more comfortable and confident you is possible. Contact our Minnetonka, MN, plastic surgery practice to begin.

(763) 999-4170

Dr. Peng's office
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peng truly listens to her patients. If you're ready to explore your plastic surgery options with a doctor who really cares, visit our Minnetonka, MN, office.

Meet Our Minneapolis Surgeon

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"Experience with dr. Peng has been absolutely wonderful...I find her to be open honest compassionate non-judgemental and an excellent surgeon I have recommended her to co-workers and they too are also satisfied with the results" Amanda I.

Factors Affecting Cost

The average cost of a breast reduction is usually about $5,482. However, the exact amount will depend on a number of different factors, including:

Surgical Facility Costs

Though some surgeons prefer to perform plastic surgery procedures at their own office, many work at a hospital or other surgical facility. While this can reassure some patients, such third-party facilities usually charge an additional fee for this use.

Surgeon's Fees

This fee is based on a plastic surgeon's training and skill. Many of our patients prefer to invest in the experience offered by an all-female surgical team, which is a rarity in the area. Dr. Peng also strives to provide the greatest value for the procedure.

Anesthesia Fees

Because the anesthesia needed to keep you comfortable must be administered and monitored by a certified anesthesiologist, you will typically need to pay an additional fee for the service.

Combination with Other Procedures

If you decide to combine your breast reduction with additional surgeries, such as liposuction surgery, this will also add to the final cost.

Securing Insurance Coverage for Your Surgery

Breast reduction isn't always just cosmetic. For many women, it can be medically necessary. However, for your insurance to contribute to or cover the cost of your plastic surgery, you will have to document months of attempted medical care and submit reports from a medical professional.

Not sure where to begin? Dr. Peng will explain the prior authorization process in detail during your consultation.

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Dr. Peng and her staff and kind & caring. They take their time with you and explain things thoroughly. Dr. Peng has made me feel very comfortable with my treatment & I am very happy I choose her to be my Doctor.

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The ladies there are always a pleasure and very friendly and Dr. Peng is Amazing and the work is Great!

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SP Plastic Surgery, LLC

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